Signs Sacraments and Superstitions

We had a lovely chat today during “coffeeshop school” about traditions and superstitions, as related to Island of the Blue Dolphins. In the book, Karana’s tribe believes that it is bad luck for women to make weapons, and that misfortune will result. We talked about how it was tradition in her culture for men to make the weapons, but superstition to believe that evil things would happen if tradition wasn’t followed.

Who knew how nicely this would feed into our Finding God discussion of the sacraments? Not that I can spell it out myself, but in raising Catholic children it’s important to communicate that the gestures, the rituals, holy water, etc., should not become elements of superstition, and that while tradition is wonderful, it’s not necessarily law, nor always a matter of good and evil. Like when you’re alone on an island and you need to protect yourself from wild dogs and get food, you’d better make a spear!

So today we did our math, reading, and religion. And a hint of piano. Tuesdays are kind of a light day.We also decided on a fun project to end our study of Island of the Blue Dolphins: we’re movie producers. Violet is going to choose 10 scenes from the book to have in the movie, and then story board one of them. And of course we’ll need a movie poster. I’m excited for next week!


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