Homeschooling with Two

All you homeschoolers with 4 and more, just bug off! 😉 For me, homeschooling with two is a 100% increase in Red Sea enrollment, so it is new to me.
Victoria is on her 2nd week of vacation from preschool. It has worked fine — as you might expect, at least some of the time we lose by having a demanding preschooler around the house is balanced out by the time we gain not having to drop everything at a particular time and go pick her up.
I have enjoyed getting more time to spend with her, and we have spent a lot of time reading together. One book has been such a hit, and is so wonderful for her age, that I wanted to mention it. It’s one of Richard Scarry’s busytown books, What Do People Do All Day?
She especially loves reading about Farmer Alfalfa growing corn, then taking it to market so he can get money to buy a truck, and so the Pig family can eat it. After that she likes How Wheat Becomes Bread. It reminds me of all the great Mr. Rogers segments about how factories make basic things like peanut butter or toilet seats (!) Oh, God bless Mr. Rogers — still chokes me up to think about him.
I also followed the advice of Painted Rainbows and Chamomile Tea and picked up What is Science and B is for Bunny, but I’ll try to hold those until Easter.

(Yes, I know they have little to do with Easter, but they bulk up an Easter basket better than candy all the same!)


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