The New Blog

I’m gradually transferring many of my old posts to the new blog. Sadly, I can’t transfer the comments, which is some cases is a real loss, when people offered me useful answers to challenging questions.

I decided to move the blog for a few reasons:
1. has just been too fussy lately.
2. has discontinued its “friends” feature that allows you to check all your friends’ recent posts at once.
3. I am somewhat “re-purposing” the blog to cover a broader range of topics (read: I want to post pictures of my knitting so someone will ooh and ah over my mediocre crafting!).
4. I wanted the option of having multiple categories/tags for a single post.
4. I just wanted a new look.

I will be cross-posting most blog posts for a little while, and then I will update only at this site until I manage to transfer everything I want to save, which could take a while. This has been my first school record-keeping system.

So thanks for following me here!


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