I Knitted This Purse

Yes, I am ridiculously proud of my knitting.

Why? Because I am just not that good at it, and it takes me forever.


This is a purse I am knitting and felting — these are the before photos. So before that I have not even taken care of the loose strings! I have to find the missing bag with my tapestry needles so that I can weave them in and felt away. The red is prettier than the photos suggest — maybe the contrast with the orangish hardwood is the problem. Plain old Cascade wool.


This last photo highlights my 1st attempt at i-cord. This i-cord is 9 feet long! The garter rows at the top of the bag merely keep the stockinette from rolling, but the other rows of garter, which are also the eyelet rows for the cord/strap, are a mistake that I didn’t bother to correct. Can you guess? That’s right, I started going the wrong direction on my circular needles!


Thankfully, felting=total fiber absolution



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3 responses to “I Knitted This Purse

  1. paintedsky

    Very Nice. I love the color.

  2. janedeau

    I love that bag! You should be proud.

  3. That’s scrumptious! I wish I had one.

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