Popcorn and Jelly Beans

That is what we had for dinner this Easter evening—popcorn and jelly beans

We started the day in what you might call a healthy fashion, attending church:

(yes, that is our actual church)

When Mass was over, at the back of the church, there were hot cross buns, Easter eggs (courtesy Chez Red Sea), and coffee.

Then we went to a friend’s house to allow the kids to play while we waited for our brunch reservation — coffee, caramel rolls, and Easter eggs were consumed. At brunch, I had to have my favorite brunch drink, not often served around here: the Bellini.

Then think thick cut bacon, “powdermilk” pancakes with carmelized bananas, lots of coffee, chocolate crepes filled with banana mousse. And that was just me.

Then back to friend’s house to fix a flat tire (long, boring story). More playing. Some knitting.

By the time we came home, dinner was out of the question. We got some popcorn, tangerine jelly beans, and orange cream soda together and popped in Princess Bride.

This was a huge hit with Violet, but we did have to pack Victoria off to bed before the “torture” scene started. It was really nice to watch a bit more “grown-up” movie with my near-eight-year-old. She decided it was 50% funny, 50% scary, but she had the presence of mind to say it was not too scary, because “Order of the Phoenix is coming soon, and I Have to see that!”

Me, I’m way more excited for this one:


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One response to “Popcorn and Jelly Beans

  1. What a fabulous Easter! I absolutely love your church. Just stepping in there must be enough to make anyone think holy thoughts. And I love Princess Bride too. I’m surprised to hear that Violet thought it was scary, because Kitty thought the same thing, and yet I can’t see it myself. I just consider it very, very funny.

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