Fate Takes a Hand

Some readers may know that we’ve been struggling to decide what to do for Victoria next year. I am quite fond of her preschool–her teachers are very sweet, the rooms are beautiful, it is university based, so everyone is current with best practices and very committed. But I think she would be just as happy at home, it’s expensive, and it would simplify our schedules greatly not to stop in the middle of the day for a preschool pick-up.

Well, the decision has been made for us. I was tempted to say that the Holy Spirit had moved us in the homeschooling direction, but it hardly seems fair to blame the Holy Spirit for my general disorganization and incompetence. So let’s compromise and call it Fate. Basically, I did not pay next year’s enrollment fee on time, and we lost our spot.

I am a bit nervous — Victoria is in many ways more spirited than Violet: more open with her feelings (good and bad feelings), but also more stubborn. She’s also not reading, which means I’ll be doing much more “teaching.”

But I am also excited — I do enjoy seeing/hearing the girls play together, though the 4-year age span presents many challenges. Little Victoria is just a bundle of affectionate sweetness and such a momma’s girl right now, which won’t last forever. If I can organize myself, I think having both girls can only be an improvement.

On that score, I want to point out a couple of blogs that I have been enjoying for resources for younger kids. (They are also in the sidebar.) They are listed as homeschool friends–they may not know me from Adam (Eve?), but once you start reading these homeschool blogs the writers (the nice ones, anyway!) start to feel like friends, so “Homeschool Friends” they are.

I love to get book ideas from Citcat and her mom at Painted Rainbows and Chamomile Tea. They are just full of great ideas and suggestions, and reading through their blog makes me excited to bring Victoria home.

I also love the eclectic Waldorf- and Montessori-inspired goings-on at Lapaz Farm Home Learning. Their nature studies and notebooks are so inspiring. I know that with a preschooler Violet and I are going to have to get a bit more concrete. Violet and I could live happily in our heads 90% of the time, but not Victoria. wilddays She’ll get us back to our Wild Days discovery journals, I hope. (That, by the way, is an idea I got from Mariposa almost a year ago, in the early days of the Red Sea School.)

In other news, I’m trying to straighten up a bit — about 3 weeks worth! — and get some party food together while the girls are out with the nanny.
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband of 11+ years. His screen name is still pending, but I’m sure he’ll look familiar to some of you. šŸ˜‰



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4 responses to “Fate Takes a Hand

  1. It is so wonderful how you have been posting frequently lately! I’d have to say with the pre-school situation, it sounded more like your unconscious was directing you! Good luck with the doubling of your homeschool roll. I imagine a little initial chaos will settle down into something really special.

    Painted Rainbows is great, isn’t it? I don’t have a preschooler any more but I still love reading Nina’s weblog.

    Patience šŸ™‚

  2. paintedsky

    Wow, but I had to giggle when you mentioned the Holy Spirit and then described how the decision came to be.

    I think it is so neat that the girls will have each other even though there is an age difference. Many a time, I wish Ami had a sister but she never slept! I have six so it seems unfair, but at least her cousins live near by.

    And thank you for the compliment.

  3. The Lord works in mysterious ways, including using our own forgetfulness as a tool!LOL! That sounds about like how decisions are often made around here.
    Age differences can sometimes work in your favor.The bigger the span the less likely they are to distract each other, less competition, stuff like that. I actually get alot more schooling done when the 3 year old is not around to distract my 5 yo. When I am working with just the 5 yo and 11 yo it goes very smoothly.

  4. I don’t know how I missed your move over to wordpress. I am so excited because I had a difficult time leaving comments on Homeschoolblogger.

    Thank you so much for your kind compliment. I do love books and will seek out any opportunity to suggest one.

    It sounds like you are making the right choice. I would agree that a university based program seems attractive but I am sure you will accomplish more when you can stay at home all day.

    I look forward to reading about how you manage educating both your daughters at home. I am sure you will have lots of great preschool ideas.

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