What Am I Learning?

Just about 2 weeks until Violet’s first Communion, so we are still doing our FC prep from time to time. Today we did our last formal “lesson,” which inspired some interesting conversation on the meaning of “eternal” and the nature of heaven and hell. Heavy stuff!

Anyway, one of the nice activities was for Violet to consider how she has been changing and growing and will continue to change and grow, by thinking about things she has learned, is learning, and wants to learn. She answered the questions while I gave her some privacy, but I couldn’t wait to see what she wrote.

It’s a chart in the shape of a flower.
The roots (things learned): Reading, drawing, smiling, writing my name
The leaves (things learning): long division, Chinese, history of the middle ages.
The petals (things to be learned): How to — light a candle, play Monopoly, win at Carcassonne, write a book, cook, be a pianist, and drive

More immediately, we want to do some bird studies and brain studies — Violet is so interested in how brains work and how different species’ brains are different. homerbrainToo bad there’s no Usborne Book of Brains for us! (And too bad mom is squeamish and has no clue about anatomy herself.)

Any great bird-brain resources? (Sorry, had to make the pun!)


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One response to “What Am I Learning?

  1. paintedsky

    Our girl has been studying the human body. She has this book: 1000 Facts about the Human Body and my grad school Anatomy book. She read this picture book the other day by Seymour Simon called Muscles and then wanted to read the one on the brain. It has a high reading level for a picture book, nearly 8th grade. It might be a great introduction and your daughter can go from there in her research: The Brain by Seymour Simon

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