History Summary — Kublai Kahn

[If I can figure it out I’m thinking of making this a regular feature on a separate page — ed.]

When Genghis Khan died, his grandson got to be the Khan. Kublai Khan was his name. He wanted Emperor-of-China-hood. So he fought for it. No it wasn’t your usual fight over a toy, mommies and daddies. The Chinese used fog. They couldn’t control the sky, but one of the different fogs had WOLF DUNG! Grosstastic! And yet Kublai got the throne. He sent a note to the Japanese saying: “Surrender, for your lives shall be spared. If not, you can meet my army. My army would love meeting friendly soon-to-be-corpse-if-you-don’t-surrender faces!” So Kublai set out to Japan on a boat—he knew he would get there—but—a strong wind pushed him back. So he set out again. He got there—it looked like he was winning—but…another strong wind stopped him. The Japanese called these winds “kamikaze” which meant “divine winds” but I’m not sure the Mongols thought it quite—er—divine. When Kublai died his descendants divided China into little pieces and the Chinese got the throne! BOO HOO-HOO-HOO-HA-HA-HA!

The end



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3 responses to “History Summary — Kublai Kahn

  1. paintedsky

    Her summaries are great and entertaining! Would she like to organize it into a book form?

  2. shaunms

    Yes, I think she would really enjoy making a book. We have them all on the computer — I used to type them for her as she spoke, but now she just types them herself. Sometimes she Googles for an image, but I have discouraged that unless I am standing right there.

    We are probably 2/3- 3/4 finished with SOTW book 2. (I just got some complaints yesterday that we skipped book 1!) At some point this summer, hopefully when we’ve finished the book, but maybe before, we will abandon our usual history and focus on compiling what we’ve done over the past year into one long timeline, so maybe we’ll make the book then too.

    I have an idea for a cool game using our history studies — though so far I am the only one who *really* thinks it’s cool!

  3. I love her story! My dd loves to dictate her stories into a tape recorder. I’ve been meaning to type them up. Maybe I’ll do that this summer. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!

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