Next on the Needles

I won’t be posting a photo of the first communion shawl until it is properly modeled by the intended recipient, but I can show you what is next on the needles, although not modeled by my child. I’m always on the lookout for cute summer knits, mainly because the idea of knitting something as large as a sweater for anyone but a baby is incredibly daunting. tank This tank will be for Victoria, possibly for her 4th birthday, although that gives me about 3 weeks — 3 insanely busy weeks — to knit it. I’m thinking possibly orange with a yellow flounce, or possibly something very mellow, like brown with a beige flounce. I’m yarn shopping tonight, so I’ll know soon enough.

We continue to chug along with our homeschool basics — piano, math, history, Chinese, reading. I am really missing science and art. I’m pretty sure that we’ll be signing up with a homeschool co-op for those subjects next year. Once a week we meet, and the teachers are actual experts in their fields paid for by the collective contributions of parents. I think the ratio of students is about 14-1 for Violet’s age group. They also have a preschool science class around the same time, so we’ll let Victoria try that too. I’m hoping that will be the support I need to get science done in a less scattershot way. I’m also getting the Seymore Simon brain book suggested by Mariposa — looks great!



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4 responses to “Next on the Needles

  1. That top is gorgeous! I wish I could knit. Well, I can knit, but my arthritis wont let me. Your hs co-op sounds great.

  2. Co-ops sound like an awesome idea. Good thing you live in a gigantor city with other over-educated well-to-do and child-obsessed folks.

    Ella just hit the “I read by myself now go away” phase of her life, which may last forever, who knows. It’s pretty cute, though.

    Hope all’s well-MDS

  3. paintedsky

    That is a sweet top. Ok for winter here. I think the book would be an introduction but she could go from there with what she wants to research.


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