For My Self-Proclaimed Brainiac

. . . which means, in case you were wondering, “one who is interested in brains,” and not “one who thinks they are ‘A Brain.'”

The universe is responding to my request. First, Mariposa’s suggestion of the brain book (see earlier post), and now this:

Neuroscience for Kids, a project overseen by Dr. Eric Chudler, a neuroscientist and director of education and outreach at the University of Washington.

There’s a monthly newsletter for kids, a collection of Neuroscience in the News stories (so far, still kept current), lesson plans from “Brain Awareness Week” (regrettably, we missed BAW this year, but I’m still using the lesson plans!), silly brain postcards (several of them holiday themed), poetry and drawing contests … Wheee!

For fun, try this quiz, in which you attempt to match illustrations of various brains with the correct species. (I got 6 out of 9 right, but only because I could use the process of elimination.)

[H/T to Prufrock Press and Joel McIntosh — I get their e-newsletter on gifted resources.]


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One response to “For My Self-Proclaimed Brainiac

  1. We have one of those Wild Goose science kits called Brain TRek. It is very cool if you can track one down (saw one on ebay for around 5 bucks). Anyway, it has a series of fun little experiments that help you understand how the brain works. Your brainiac may like it.

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