Jelly Bean Math

We’ve had Victoria home this week because of illness, though she seems pretty sprightly today. In fact the girls are off with the nanny for Violet’s homeschool bird class at a regional nature center. Whee!

Victoria wants to “do math,” but mostly she wants to hang out with everyone else and be involved. So here’s a little project I started her on, with some remaining Easter candy. V3beansandyarn Also, she’s holding balls of Rowan cotton that will be her little tank top — the brown is the body and the lavender will be the flounce and straps. I think I’ll also do the bottom garter-stitch border in the contrast color too (maybe a little bit wider border), just to brighten up the brown. (BTW, I finally got around to felting the purse — and I am still felting! Just finished washer-trip number 4.)

And here’s a little shot of Violet enjoying a new birthday book (the shot is posed, but she had been reading it awhile before I took the photo). V7Chinesebook Thanks Grandma!



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2 responses to “Jelly Bean Math

  1. janedeau

    Your girls have such sweet faces!

  2. paintedsky

    So cute. Your little one looks like she is having so much fun!

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