Postmodern Homeschoolers

OK, I confess I am mainly just curious to see, over time, whether that title will snag me any interesting searches. We’re postmodern mainly in the sense that we, arguably, live in or have lived in a postmodern era.

Here’s a partial definition of postmodernism: “an artistic period characterized by the abandonment of strong divisions of genre, “high” and “low” art.”

Which is what it’s like with Violet sometimes. She loves listening to “the orchestra station”: often we’ll sit in the car until a piece is fininshed, and we discuss what instruments we hear — one of our coolest was a debate over whether the featured instrument was flute or recorder, and after sitting in the Whole Foods parking lot for 15 minutes we finally heard that it was baroque flute!

We had a fun conversation at the piano the other day where she would try to improvise a few measures in various style: baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary. I loved that she instinctively moved to waltz for romantic!

In part schooled by her father, Violet enjoys noticing things like changes in articulation (“did you hear — the first time it’s slurred and the second time it’s staccato”) or interesting chords.

But lately when we happen upon a clarinet concerto or jazz music featuring a clarinet, she surprises me with a different kind of observation:

“Squidward would love this!”


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  1. cool post! I love hearing how other kids think.

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