Birthday Wrap-up, and a purse update

Someone has turned 8! We got a couple of other families to go swimming with us and had a great time. We finally got the very fun game Apples to Apples, which everyone loves, and a magnetic chess board, to prevent the inevitable mishaps that occur when you combine chess pieces with dogs and/or preschoolers and/or clumsy mamas.

I’m working as I type (waiting for .sgml files to convert to .pdf files), so I’ll so no more and just post a few photos of the festivities.

Does this look like a good birthday? Violet said it was “the best birthday ever.”


In truth she was overheard to say, “I thought last year was the best birthday ever, but this is the best birthday ever.”


For comparison’s sake, this is last year’ birthday:


And the best part of this kind of celebration is that the whole family can enjoy it.


And no party is complete without cupcakes.


In other news I have learned a valuable knitting lesson — front loaders are not good felting machines. I gave the purse to a friend to wash/agitate in her top loader and it has finally gotten to a felty-looking point. Photos tomorrow!



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3 responses to “Birthday Wrap-up, and a purse update

  1. Happy Birthday to Violet, it looks like she had a ton of fun! Isn’t it wonderful how the parties just get better!

  2. Happy birthday to Violet! I am so glad she had such a wonderful day. I hope the rest of her 8th year is also wonderful and goes as swimmingly (haha) as this day did.

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