Fetch Returns!

Long ago I mentioned that we were really enjoying the PBS show Fetch! We’ve got the good news that a new season is coming. And, WGBH Boston creates Challenge Packs that you can use for activities to go along with the show.


Kids around the country are having a blast doing FETCH! activities. Great
news – there are more to come!

In honor of a new season of FETCH! premiering on May 28th (check local
listings), the outreach team at FETCH! has developed seven new activities
inspired by the latest, zaniest challenges tackled by a new cast of FETCH!

The new FETCH! Challenge Pack will contain seven new activities along with
the five from last year and a tip sheet for leading challenges with kids –
all in English and Spanish! What kind of fun is in store for your kids? They
can noodle with balance, train their brains, and create cars that set sail –
to name a few!

To order your free Challenge Pack, send an e-mail message with your name and
mailing address to fetchnews@wgbh.org.



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2 responses to “Fetch Returns!

  1. Hi Shaunm, I had never heard of this show. I looked it up and the activities and it is really cool! We will have to watch an episode and see what Ami thinks.

  2. Back when Sahra watched TV, we watched this a few times. It’s pretty funny. It’s weird … she hasn’t watched even PBS in a long time. Don’t know why. Less time in the a.m., maybe. She watches DVDs from time to time, but … that’s it. Perhaps not surprisingly, her reading skills / time spent reading alone have gone Thru The Roof. The kid is kind of a freak, though, because … well, she enjoys “chores.” Like bagging up all the trash throughout the house on trash day, feeding the animals. If she could drive, we would totally send her to the supermarket. Just started Harry Potter with her as bedtime reading. So far so good.

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