First Communion Photos!

Just a photo blog today — keeping busy with family here and such. I’ll try to get a proper (knit-focused) shot of the shawl up soon, and more commentary.

Before the service, with grandma and grandpa:

After the service, chatting with Fr. (They are reminiscing about our trip together to the state fair last year!) Notice the footwear. After a long morning of various stresses, I decided not to fight it. Yes, she wore her army-green Crocs for 1st communion.

The gorgeous cake — shout out to Bravo Bakery! Don’t you love the flowers made of fruit instead of frosting? Coming to St. Paul? Hit Bravo.


The kids played outside soon dipatched a large brush pile by constructing bows and slingshots and playing Robin Hood. Violet was Maid Marion, though with her longbow and crown she looked more like Peter Pan. The friend in the plaid (also in our homeschool group) was Robin Hood.


The kids got industrious — I bought my slingshot at the low low price of 10 cents, but my friend Mo paid a dollar for hers. (I am trying to look like a dangerous young punk — albiet in a lacy cardigan.)


Victoria in her 3rd costume change of the day, up in the fort:




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2 responses to “First Communion Photos!

  1. It looks like you all had a lot of fun!

  2. Congratulations to her! She looks so grown up in her green dress.

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