History Summary — The Ivans

[We continue to progress slowly through SOTW as the warmer weather coaxes us into lazier days. I really enjoy the script-like style of today’s offering. I had to tag this one with “Why Homeschool,” as it seems to me to answer that question rather well!]

Ivan the great and Ivan the terrible

Ivan the great was a great ruler of Moscow, the capital of Russia. When the Mongols tried to make them pay…
Mongols: Pay money—now!
Ivan: Nah, go waste someone else’s time.
Mongols: Give me the money—or else!!!
Ivan: NEVER!
Mongols: Alright—ATTACK!
But Ivan was OK. He sent his huge army to try and stop them.
Ivan: So is this your humongous army?
Mongols: ERGH…
So Ivan decided to unite Russia.
Ivan: Muahahahahahaha! UNITE O RUSSIA!
Russia: [unites]
But Ivan’s grandson, Ivan the Terrible (Call him ITT) was, well, terrible!
ITT: I am Ivan the Terribull righter! [wife dies goes almost mad makes police officers with flags that have dog heads and brooms on them kills own son tries to throw himself off tower of palace sees comet declares self almost dead dies]




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2 responses to “History Summary — The Ivans

  1. These are great! I just love her version of history. Her clever summaries always make me smile.

  2. Hi all!

    You have a very nice site and good guestbook, thank you.


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