Time Passages

Thanks for the Mothers Day wishes, and same to you, Mothers. Here is a photo of mother and children, in their matching footwear. (Is it just Minnesota or are these shoes infesting the entire nation?)


I did get one Mothers Day wish-come-true (at least): my porch looks great. With the help of my organizer I have been trying declutter and establish order. Order is not my natural state, so this is quite a feat. But finally my screened-in, “3-season” (maybe 3-season in California) porch, also known as our 2nd garage/storage facility, has been transformed into a sunroom-playroom.

The primary task after getting rid of the stuff was to scrub scrub scrub. Several years of dirt build-up, greatly enhanced by 2 years of summer road/sidewalk construction on our block, made the porch filthy, and I spent hours Sunday scrubbing it.

This was satisfying in that homeowner way, until about 2:00 Monday morning, when I was awakened by searing pain throughout my right (scrubbing, vaccuuming, carrying) arm. I could not sleep at all, so got up and read the news, took some ibuprofen, and finally tried to sleep on the sofa, where I could prop up my arm. The pain was still significant, but at least I could look out the sparkling clean windows (thanks Eggmaster!) to the windstorm blowing our chokecherry tree branches hither and thither. (I think “hither and thither” conveys a bit more frenzy “to and fro,” which sounds more porch-swing gentle, don’t you?).

The other big event Sunday was a family celebration of Victoria’s 4th birthday, which we will celebrate again more officially next week.


Is there something about turning 4? Both my girls have been worried about another birthday at that age. I have Googled the heck out of this but the only thing I can find are articles about being afraid of death or afraid of old people. Both Violet and Victoria expressed this a different way, “You mean I’ll never be 3 again?” This was a truly disturbing thought to them. Nonetheless they like to consider the wonderful things they’ll do when they grow up. Some highlights on Victoria’s list:

1. Be a Backyardigan
2. Be a mermaid
3. Be a princess
4. Be Harry Potter
5. Be a ballerina

Sounds like a good life.

We also celebrated at Victoria’s preschool, where she is part of a small group absolutely obsessed with studying the Forest Tent caterpillars that have infested the school grounds.


By the way, how do you like the self-inflicted haircut? (You should have seen it before dad tried to fix it!)



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4 responses to “Time Passages

  1. Happy birthday Victoria!!!

    I love the colors of the shoes but could never wear that brand myself after watching surgeons walk around in them. I hope your arm is feeling better.

  2. They sure are cute and colorful! I have heard they are comfortable as well.

    Maybe the trend started in California??? They are great for the beach.

    A while back, I recall Ami wanting a pink pair, but when I saw the price I gasped and decided no. I have seen similar versions for less now.

  3. I have 3 pairs of Crocs now 🙂

    My excuse is that I work 12 hour shifts, and need to pamper my feet and back.

    The truth is, I’m addicted to Crocs! Resistance is futile.

  4. Happy Belated Mother’s Day. I just brought a pair of Crocs for Citcat yesterday. As I searched for the right size the shopkeeper told me to look closely at the size and compare shoes. The reason, Crocs are being made in Mexico, USA and China. The molds are apparently different in the different countries. So I think they are invading even middle America. I bought Citcat the light blue pair because I am hoping to hand them down to little brother. I want the brown pair like you have but mama always comes last. I am interested to see how Citcat likes them and then I might buy myself a pair.

    Happy Birthday to Victoria. Love the hat from her preschool. Her hair doesn’t look too bad.

    Way to go on the organizing!

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