My Jane Austen Husband

You scored as Darcy. Your husband/boyfriend is most like Mr. Darcy of Pride & Prejudice. A beloved hero, he may be quieter and sometimes mistaken as proud, but in reality he has the most thoughtful generous nature. He appreciates good character and is extremely devoted to those he cares for. As a couple, you enjoy the company of those closest to you and may engage in thought-provoking conversations.





Edward Ferrars




Col. Brandon


Captain Wentworth


Edmund Bertram


Who is Your Jane Austen Boyfriend/Husband?
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I am always up for a silly quiz, especially one in which I might be allied with the irresistably sulky and eminently marriagable Mr. Darcy. The question is: did I marry Eggmaster for his Darcy-like qualities, or have I merely projected Darcy-ness onto him? Reviewing the description, surely it is the former.

There is, however, one quality Darcy has that is sadly lacking in my husband-of-the-real world. Where is my Pemberley?
And to think, I might have been mistress of all this. . .


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One response to “My Jane Austen Husband

  1. I took that test. I am a Darcy. Shocking. I wonder what will happen when Pen-O takes the test… how will I come out?

    I guess this settles which J.A. novel I will (re-) read next: P & P it is.

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