Clicking Around

I often come across links that I want to share, and then I never do. So now I’m catching up a bit.

Lynn at The New Homemaker has been adding to her site a bunch lately. She is such a wise, wonderful woman, and I have really grown up as a mom and woman at her site. (“Woman” sounds weird in that context, doesn’t it? But I specifically mean female adult, so there it is.) Check out her most recent call to arms, Five Ways to Give Childhood Back to Children.

I love my local public radio station, which has a new show called In the Loop. Do yourself a favor and stream/download the song “You gotta go to school” from the May 2007 show. Very funny (and sung by “Horace Mann”)!

You gotta go to school
so you can grow up and get a job
Big economies need worker bees
not another lazy slob
The nation needs a workforce
And schools have to provide
So you gotta go to school
so you can take your place with pride.

There’s also a video version.

I was deeply amused by Library Thing’s anti-recommendations bot, the Unsuggester. Type in a book you liked and it will tell you something you’ll hate. Did you like Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason? Then you’ll hate Confessions of a Shopaholic! (It’s based on trying to determine which books you are least likely to own based on the number of matches in the database . . . or something like that.) Apparently my taste in fiction means that I am very unlikely to read the works of Christine Feehan, D. A. Carson, and John Piper. Qui?


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One response to “Clicking Around

  1. Great links, thank you. Alas, I could not get the Unsuggester to work for me 😦 I would have liked to have gone out and got “books I wouldn’t enjoy” just to be argumentative!

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