Summer School

Like many, we’ve been thinking about our plans for the summer. In general I’m in favor of year-round school with breaks throughout the year for vacations, visits, busy times, but the reality is that for much of the year Minnesota looks like this:

so we have to get outside and move during the few months that it looks more like this:

So we’ve agreed to an hour of school a day. What’s funny is that we have no agreement on what constitutes school — most things related to our “history house” will not really fall under school time, nor will reading, drawing, writing stories, making comic books, practicing piano . . .
Our plan is to continue with Chinese and math for summer on alternating days, with Monday getting both Chinese and math. (E.g., MWF Math, MTTh Chinese). I suspect I will throw in a bit of continued cursive practice to fill out the time, and we will still be in far less than an hour, so I anticipate little conflict over it.
I plan to keep the math work short and simple unless there is a request for more. We’ll get through most of the decimal operations before our official start of summer, and then I think it is all review for a while. Our Singapore book has angles, triangles, and area/volume of more complicated shapes, most of which we did last fall during the big “Geometry Break” to recover from the torture of long division.
We have a couple of fun camps coming up for Violet, which I will say more about after the fact. And I think Victoria is going to do some ballet classes — she has been asking, and goodness knows it is her turn for some activities! I may also sign her up for swimming lessons, but I’m not sure. Violet is kind of the wildcard — she has . . . issues with swimming lessons.
For myself, I hope to spend a good part of the summer planning. With two at home and one who needs a bit more supervision, I can’t just let Violet take the lead. Victoria will need more structure, which means I need to think things through in advance. Besides, this means that I can use more of the ideas from some of my favorite blogs!
I will write more as the summer progresses, but I am planning to learn more about Montessori education. Victoria is so hands-on and such a little worker bee — I think a Montessori-style approach may work for her. I do love all the dreamyness of Waldorf, too. And I would like to try Five in a Row, though it may be too soon. Because she is bright but probably not PG, I am afraid of using Violet’s milestones as a guide and pushing too hard. On the other hand, because she is the little sister, I am afraid of treating her like “the baby” rather than appreciating her abilities.
I think ideal activities for her would involve little creatures, gardening, cooking (she loves cooking), building (she is amazing with a screwdriver), and maybe learning to sew. We have a wonderful place in the Twin Cities called Leonardo’s Basement, geared towards activities for kids that are hands-on, artisan types, but we have 2 more years before she can do it.
I am planning to read Beyond the Rainbow Bridge and (reread) For the Children’s Sake this summer, but I would really welcome some more suggestions! (Anyone looked at Michael Olaf Materials?)



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2 responses to “Summer School

  1. Great post.

    I guess we are all going through the “what to do over the summer” and
    what are we going to do in the fall” stage right now.

    We are also going to continue a lot of our classes.

  2. That first picture completely cracks me up!!! I am sure that is the picture lots of folks ahve in their minds when we tell them we are moving to Alaska next year.LOL! Except insert an igloo into the background and substitute a husky for the lab!LOL!
    Micael Olaf materials look really good and the catalog looks like a fun read. If you are interested in Montessori materials you could also look at Allison’s Montessori or Montessori Concepts (online catalogs) or Neinheis (not sure of the spelling there, but $$$).

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