Wars of the Roses—History Summary

Enjoy — we’ll not be doing these summaries over the summer, as we’ll be working on the “history house” project. I’m not quoting this in full, because it is extremely long. It is sung to the tune of For Calvin (and His Next Two Hitch-Hikers) from Frank Zappa’s Grand Wazoo album. When she sings it she has some great turns of phrase matching her words to the rhythm.

When Henry the sixth
Was ruling so ‘nicely’
There was a big Civil War…
It was called the
Wars of the Roses
And it all took place in England….
One side had a
White rose on it’s banner
The others just had plain red…
The white side were Yorks
Red side Lancasters
It was a big fight for sure…
This is the when
Where how and why
It happened at that particular time…
Henry the sixth
Was indeed ruling badly
He didn’t rule a whole lot…
He prayed too much
He was going quite crazy
So a protector came quite along…
When Henry got better
The protector was mean
He wouldn’t get off the throne…
So this meant a war
The Wars of the Roses

It peters out somewhat at the end, thusly:

Henry had somehow been killed…
Edward had caught him,
Threw him in jail
Then someone came in possibly to kill him…
The facts are sincere
But they dashed out my ear
So I guess you should leave now there aren’t any more…
That was quite fun
Maybe some other time
We can sing a song again………………………


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One response to “Wars of the Roses—History Summary

  1. Great as always! She is so clever!

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