We have a cyclist!

Oh Frabjous Day!
Callooh Callay!
Violet rode her bike this day!

Opportunities for bike-riding have been really limited the past two summers, as road crews have torn up our sidewalks and streets. And Violet did not have the need for speed — getting up the mph needed to go without training wheels was just too scary.

But she did get flying on her scooter a lot this year, and I think that gave her the taste for going fast and the sense of balance that finally allowed her to take off those training wheels! She has really been feeling the need to get those TWs off — 8 was just too old for her.

I am so happy for her — she is so very proud of herself, and you can see on her face how much she loves tearing down the block. (Well, you can’t, because I haven’t taken a picture.) She can be so timid physically — unless she’s moving on her own two feet on solid ground she is in a state of red alert. So this was a really big deal for her — years of anticipation, dread, frustration, and fear of embarrassment finally ending in success.

Woo hoo!



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3 responses to “We have a cyclist!

  1. Too cool! Way to go Violet!

    And since it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r for my comments to upload here, I will also add that I liked your 8 Things meme. And I’m horribly jealous that you’ve seen Cheap Trick in concert.

  2. paintedsky

    Congratulations to Violet!

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