One more day

Tonight Eggmaster and I will drive up north and spend the night in Bemidji, MN, so we can drive over to Violet’s camp the next morning for the parents’ program and bring her home. I am so excited to see her camp!

And Victoria gets to spend the night in a hotel with her Mimi and Papa who are visiting from out of town — restaurant, swimming pool, movies, pizza . . . whatever she can convince them to give her!

Violet is at Concordia Language Villages, the Chinese camp Sen Lin Hu. These are just the most wonderful language immersion experiences, and people come from around the country for them. There are 2- and 4-week camps, but we started with the 1-week, for obvious reasons!

As I put Violet on the bus Monday, I had a funny experience. I was looking around at all the parents and kids, and for a moment they all seemed so well-heeled. (There were a few of those moms who look like they’re off to a glamorous night club first thing in the morning.) I was feeling a little reflexive disdain when it occurred to me — in my linen shirt and pants, my kid with her brand-name hiking shoes and a suitcase full of new camping stuff — that we were them. We’re not rich or anything, but we were among this group of really really fortunate families who could send their kids off to camp for [gulp] $700 a week. (Does it go without saying that we give up a lot of other stuff for the time and money we spend on our kids?) I drove away smiling to myself, feeling uncommonly grateful that for no good reason we can give an experience like Concordia — like Mexico, like having parents home for homeschool — to our girls. (Pssst . . . it’s called grace.)

I hope Violet is overflowing with excitement so that she shares more than she usually does about her daily experiences. And I hope the disposable cameras she took actually have some good photos on them! (She takes pretty good pictures, but she likes the absurd closeup.) But they’re her experiences, right? Much as I feel entitled to whatever’s rattling around in her brain, whatever she decides to share with us is a gift.



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2 responses to “One more day

  1. I would love to hear how it goes. I have plans to send Z to Concordia for Japanese when she is old enough.

  2. paintedsky

    How exciting.

    I had not heard of this program, but it may be something we would consider when Ami is a bit older.

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