Secret School

We’re officially on our summer schedule, alternating math and Chinese except on Mondays, when we’ll do both (allegedly — this Monday we did neither!). Lately piano is mostly taking care of itself (that is, Violet does this with little interference from me, apart from a reminder to do scales and sightreading in addition to the pieces).

My plan now is to do some covert education — training in organization, orderliness, etc. — as the summer goes on. We’ll be spending a fair amount of time learning to do more household tasks and to keep to a schedule, weekly and daily. I have an idea for a homeschool carnival of calendars that I think I might try late in the summer, getting folks to contribute a post on the way they schedule — not philosophical posts, but practical examples of how they order their day, week, month, or year. I need to see practical examples to get a clue about how to make things work in my own life. Otherwise I spend a lot of time floundering around — why reinvent the wheel?

Victoria is at the prime age — she loves to help with dinner, and she will cheerfully help with most anything — except picking up her own mess, when she becomes “too tired” and everything she plays with is “too heavy.” Argh!

It is getting easier for the girls to put away their things, since we’ve been working with the organizer. This is one of my main goals. We are still messy, and we still have too much stuff, but if the stuff has a consistent place to go, we’re way ahead of where we started. (See, this is why Mother is a student in the Secret School as well as a teacher.)


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  1. paintedsky

    Ami likes to contribute and learn new household skills. I think it is important.

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