Summer Snail’s Pace

Ah, these truly are the lazy days of summer. So lazy that I am not blogging. Since we last talked, we’ve gone swimming at a friend’s house, taken visitors from New York to our city park (which includes an amusement park), had a summer solstice party, attended part of a Harry Potter movie marathon at a great old-fashioned theatre, and played for hours at the park. I’ve also been getting back into knitting, including a prayer shawl for a friend who is leaving her job at our parish to go to a new one. I wanted to take pictures: 4 knitters using the same needles and passing around a shawl make for an interesting study in gauge. Confirmed: I am a tight knitter.

And soon we’ll be headed out of town again, this time to Michigan for a week. Wahoo!

Meantime I am reading Beyond the Rainbow Bridge for inspiration, plus lots of Montessori books. I’m anxiously awaiting both the next Harry Potter and the next Jasper Fforde books so that I can jumpstart my fiction reading again.



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2 responses to “Summer Snail’s Pace

  1. I’m awaiting the final Harry Potter too. And looking forward to seeing the latest movie in a couple of weeks. I also love Jasper Fforde!

  2. paintedsky

    Have fun on your vacation. I recall you saying that you have to take advantage of the good weather in the summer. I use to lived one summer in Sarnia Ontario when I was a kid, but I forget what Michigan town was across the bridge. Any way, I have fond memories of the lake and all the little waterways.

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