Family Movie Night

We’ve just returned from a wonderful vacation in northern Michigan. Before getting back in the weekly routine we had a family movie night with Howl’s Moving Castle. Ohmigosh — I can’t say how much we all loved this movie! When it was over I looked back at the sofa to see Eggmaster wiping away tears, and Violet’s eyes were shining too. The film was a bit too scary for Victoria (though her good friend and age-mate A. says its her favorite), but she was also moved by it.

We talked a bit about how the heroine saved the day not by being a wizard or witch, but by being kind and brave. We also talked about how the hero built a big castle to protect his heart, yet the only way to save his heart was to let the castle fall apart. Just a bit, though — no need to talk these things to death when we’ve all been feeling them together.



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6 responses to “Family Movie Night

  1. Great movie. We have all the Miyazaki movies. Have you seen Spirted Away or Kiki’s Delivery Service?

  2. I’ve seen Spirited Away, but not the girls. I know I’ve mentioned that Violet is very self-censoring when it comes to movies, but she has gotten less so. (Obviously she is ready to go to HP:OOTP as soon as she can!) Victoria is just such a sensitive little sprite — I’ve added the other Miyazaki movies to our Netflix queue, but I think we’ll try planning a Violet movie night for (most of) those.

  3. Ami likes Spirited Away so we will have to try to rent this.

  4. This isn’t my sort of movie at all but I think my dh would love it. I’ve only seen bits of Spirited Away from walking in and out of the room while dh was watching it but I am always reminded of the giant baby when I am carrying my 90% baby boy around on my hip or watching him with my 25% daughter. He’s off the Asian charts. lol.

    Glad you had a wonderful vacation. I am just starting to get back to all my blogs and catching up.

  5. I think Victoria would like My Neighbor Totoro and KiKi’s Delivery Service. They are both sweet and magical. Kiki is my favorite of all Miyazaki movies.

  6. Great new look!
    Howl’s Moving Castle is one of our Favorites!!! We own/love the others mentioned, but also like Naussica:) Grace is a hug fan of his films!

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