What We Are Listening To

With all the time we’ve been spending in the car lately, we’ve been doing a lot of great listening.

We really loved the version of Pippi Longstocking that we listened to in Michigan — Victoria in particular requested it repeatedly, and we played Pippi at the beach quite a bit as a result. (Giving pony rides is much easier on old knees in the water.)

We’ve started up The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, as Violet sped through it a couple of years ago and now wants to see the film. I’ve said that we need to revisit the story first.

Going back to blogs I haven’t visited in a while, I went to Prufrock’s Gifted Child Info blog and noticed a recent listing of Podcasts for Gifted Kids — none are really child- or gifted-specific, but they give you some pre-vetted ideas.

One podcast/NPR show we noticed missing from the list is Radiolab, which is great listening for curious adults — we’ve listened to the sleep episode, which has so much cool stuff about brains of various species, and one about the neurological bases for our sense of individual selfhood. I’ve played parts of these for Violet, as she is always curious about the workings of brains. They are meant to sound a bit more hip and PoMo than your grandma’s NPR show, I guess (e.g., a reference to Metallica and layering of voices/tracks), and they are pretty engaging. The hosts seem to find themselves a little too funny, but otherwise they’re pretty good.


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  1. Ami is on her second i pod, the first was stolen from the car when it was broken into. I guess I should find out if my husband knows how to do this? He could purchase some cool things for her to listen to.

    Thanks for the info.

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