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I know many people who read this blog also read many of the same blogs that I read (does that make sense?), but just in case . . .

As I was looking at Forte’s updated blog I came across a link that I think will be very useful.

Deliciously Clean Reads: Good clean books for teens and adults is basically what it says it is, though it is not overtly prudish or attached to a particular religious expression. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s appalled by walking through the “Young Readers” section of Barnes and Noble and observing the half-naked girls on the covers of series like “Summer Boys” and “The Au Pairs.” Au my!

Perhaps I’m biased, but I do think parents of PG girls have quite a time finding books for their precocious, voracious readers. Yes, there are a great many wonderful classics to discover, but what about contemporary fiction? It can’t all be about sex-crazed teens spending summers by the pool in the Hamptons, can it? In my own adult life, I’m all for sex and swearing (though probably not through the eyes of wealthy, omnisexual, Manhattan teens), but I think my 8-year-old can wait a bit more.

It didn’t hurt that the day I discovered Clean Reads the featured book was tailor-made for me and my daughter: Set during the Restoration in London, [At the Sign of the Star] is a wonderful historical novel that brings this time period to life. As Meg discovers the work of Aphra Behn, a whole new world opens up for her. I’m a sucker for all things London, Restoration, and Behn. And it’s at my library!

And if you haven’t been following the adventures of Patience and Rose–which you should, because often it is like falling into the pages of Victoria magazine with a very smart guide, but even more soothing–you won’t know that they have a gorgeous new webshop with wonderful handmade fairies, gnomes, and other things for creative play and beautiful living. Violet thinks they are just lovely too.

And did you know that SouleMama is publishing a book?! I can’t wait.

For anyone who is, like me, struggling to get back on a regular schedule after one (12?) too many lifestyle upheavals and family mini-crises, this story on meal planning from the NY Times at least reassured me that I am not the only one who finds even the simplest parts of the day overwhelming at times.



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  1. Aw thanks, what a lovely thing to say 🙂

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