Prepare for Lock Down

Countdown to Harry Potter book activated, T-minus 36 hours.

I am officially going offline tomorrow until I read the book. Spoilers are abundant, and I live in terror of a mean-spirited person sending out spam with a spoiler subject line. (Not that the spoiler would necessarily be correct, nor could it fully cover all the open questions hopefully answered in Book 7).

We plan to spend the weekend reading — though Violet will have to maintain the tradition of having Harry Potter for her bedtime reading, which means that Eggmaster and I will plow through our books (yes, books, we buy 2 and then give one away so that we can read at the same time!) while the children play on the swingset, watch movies, sleep, and otherwise suffer benign neglect. Eggmaster is taking Violet to a Harry Potter bookstore party Friday night, and we are going to a Harry Potter party Friday afternoon too.

I have a load of goodies for making “potions” — ice cream sundaes with all kinds of re-named toppings. That’s my fun project for tonight — making jars of nargle spleens (butter crunch cashews) and shredded moth wings (shaved white chocolate) and such like. I found these great Harry and David malted milk balls coated in a funky marbled green — eye of newt? — and jordan almonds to be some kind of egg — mini dragons? Keebler makes graham crackers shaped like insects too.

In fact — who has some ideas for these items:

Marshmallow Cream
Cinnamon imperials
Peanut Butter jelly beans
Strawberry syrup
Chocolate syrup
Crushed mint oreo cookies
Maraschino cherries

Person with the best ideas will recieve a pack of Chocolate Frogs!



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3 responses to “Prepare for Lock Down

  1. We are doing the same thing! I have been really careful on the net not to visit any places where I might see a spoiler. We are going to read the whole book out loud to each other over the weekend. I will be staying away from all other media until we finish it.

    I am excited but also a bit sad. It’s the end of an era…

  2. It’s funny but I’m not that excited. Infact, I probably wont buy the book for a while, because I resent spending so much money on it. No doubt I’ll change my tune on Saturday! I did the rush-out-immediately thing for the last two years, but this time … blah. So I WILL be looking for those spoilers, to keep me informed until I get around to reading it for myself!

    I the last book was just so very dreadful, it ruined my enthusiasm for this one. And to know she’s going to kill off at least two characters – I despise authors who kill characters for the sake of it. But I do want to know what happens in the end – although I think it’s pretty predictable.

  3. It sounds like a fun party! If I remember, I will ask Ami about the menu.

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