Harry Potter — check

Yes, we’ve finished our reading — Eggmaster and I, that is. Violet has only just begun. No spoilers from me, just a note that I’m happy and satisfied. JK Rowling may not be a prose stylist, but her characters are terrific and she seems to have a really good sense of what it is to be a teenager.

As I said on another site, that’s what makes these children’s lit — to me, in the end, they aren’t about good v. evil so much as developing a real understanding good and evil as part of moving through adolescence, that time of stark blacks and whites. It’s why Violet and I had different predictions for various outcomes in the series — she sees it all so much more through Harry’s eyes. Which, I think, is how the books are probably best read.

I’m looking forward to Violet working through the book and seeing what she thinks. She is especially interested in what we will learn about Snape — she is absolutely certain about how the main plot point will go — which has been a point of discussion for us since we started the books. Only about 700 more pages til we can talk about it!



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2 responses to “Harry Potter — check

  1. Pere and I read it aloud to Z (she read a few pages here and there to us) and we all enjoyed it.

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