Disconnected Thoughts, by Way of an Update

We have been so busy lately — not sure with what — that it seems I never have time to post, even when I think I have things I want to post about!

I got an interesting e-mail from a gifted e-mail list I am on.

My daughter has been at [School for Highly Gifted] for a couple of years, going into 5th grade in the fall. She is doing OK at [SHG], not great, no special complaints, but she isn’t enthusiastic and is still not well socially integrated in the classroom. She learned about [Another School] and is asking to go there. She is attracted to their [specific focus], but also is interested because she says she wants to “reinvent herself”. This is kind of interesting, basically she feels she cannot change her approach to school at [SHG] because the other kids already have her pegged in a certain way.

Geez, even at a school for the highly gifted? This is a school that actually uses solid test data for selection — not as stringent as Davidson, but truly highly gifted. Probably I am being naive about this–I guess I just figured that kids who were more engaged (which supposedly this school is providing for their students) would have less time for that stuff. I don’t know — reinventing yourself when you’re 10? Is that right?

We are chugging along with school. I’m thinking that Violet is actually wanting to do more, though I don’t think she would say as much. But — today when we did math I found that she had actually completed one of the exercises on her own, probably a few weeks ago, just for something to do. She also asked that we start doing history again August 1. (This was in the context of talking about when we would take a full-on break — last 2 weeks of August — and then start full-on school.) Hey, I’m all for that. Mostly I’m interested to know that she’s missing it.

Once again I find myself stressing about math — we are set to start 6th grade Singapore soon, which is about 1 year ahead of Everyday Math, our district’s curriculum. I am worrying that I am rushing her, and worrying whether concepts are sticking, yet somehow we don’t seem to be able to slow down. I wish this were an area where I could just through caution to the wind, as I do with — well, with everything else! I am hoping to set her up to start doing a university-based gifted math program in another 3 years or so — she’d do high school level math for 2 years, then college-level for up to 3 years (I think). It’s highly competitive — I’m not sure she’d get in, just because it is really aimed at people for whom math is the primary talent area, which is not Violet. But it’s also taught by someone other than me, which once we get to advanced algebra and calculus is going to be a real plus. Since we’ll be doing a fair amount of algebra this year, plus geometry, those subjects don’t seem so far away.

I just don’t want to take up all of Violet’s time with math when she wants to be making movies, writing stories, learning languages, playing the piano, learning the flute . . .



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2 responses to “Disconnected Thoughts, by Way of an Update

  1. Ami went to a public program for highly gifted. She was 5.75 when she started first, skipping K. Also, she had to have a minimum of third grade skills, which she exceeded. So, how can a child in a school like that get the message, that she was “unbrilliant.”?

    I think the programs for HG and + kids are a great idea, and needed but our experience was that it catered to the gifted student that is academically oriented, takes direction, and stays on task. There is a creative element to being HG+, and I think that side of giftedness is unaddressed in programming.

  2. I don’t like them, and I didn’t let Ami read them or Rugrats as hand-me-downs.

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