Love those young writers

I enjoyed reading Z’s new poem at Gray’s Academy, and it reminded me of the title of Violet’s latest comic book:

Heartbeat of a Visible Conscience.

The cover has a graph that looks like a EKG, but I don’t quite know what the story is. There are some intriguing pictures, but no words yet. But with a title like that, what more do you need to know? I think I may steal it!

Cher Mere talked about dark themes, which reminded me of many of Violet’s stories too, which frequently feature a ragged, orphaned protagonist being abused by some meanie. As below:

A gusty wind and a storm woke Mallow with a start. Mallow was a Minute Elder, nineteen years old, and very kind. She didn’t mind her fairy nickname—Rags-and-tatters. Her mud spattered, dirty, torn, and ragged flowers matched her nickname—ragged and tattered. When the storm died down, Mallow set out to sell her delicious fairy cheeses. Eyebright walked by. Eyebright was sassy and mean, and a bit rude. “Hello, Rags-and-Tatters,” she sneered. “Got some of your stinky cheese with you, have you?” “Yes, madam…” Mallow muttered remotely, bowing. “I have something for you.” “What, a present?” Eyebright smirked. “Ha! You’re so dumb! You haven’t even got the heart to hurt me! Soft as boiled cheese, aren’t you?” she added, grinning evilly. “Your eyeballs are rolling, your mouth sagging open! Dummy, dummy! You idiot!” By now, Mallow’s eyes had filled with tears. Eyebright ignored this. She stuck her tongue out and screeched, “Idiot girl! I’d hate anything from you!” Mallow started to cry. Eyebright snorted and screamed, “Ha! Crybaby! Crybaby! Now what are you going to do? Cry on me?” Mallow shook her head, sobbing. Eyebright laughed.

Good grief! I wish I could find the poem about “death creeping slowly toward you in human form” — or maybe I don’t. Violet hates to acknowledge negative emotions, especially sadness, so I can only think that this is her way of dealing.


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  1. *hee hee* I really like her turmoil. She has got the drama. *grin*

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