Too Darn Hot

It’s too hot for much of anything but working today, though much of my work is going to be caring for Victoria, who is suffering from a high fever and general wretchedness. I think I have mentioned before that when she gets sick, she gets really sick.

Yet her natural sweetness is still there. When I told her (at 5 am, yuck!) that mommy and daddy would take care of her, she said with all the enthusiasm she could muster (while still crying), “That’s so great!”

In other Victoria news I am working up a curriculum of sorts for her, which I’m calling The Chef’s Alphabet. She loves to cook and be in the kitchen — as do I — so I am combining kitchen arts with reading, trying flavors from each letter of the alphabet. I’m thinking it will be a family project to create a book over the next year, with Violet providing some of the illustrations and maybe even a little food science or botany background.

My one hang-up: what food starts with X? I have tried to do primarily herbs and spices and things like garlic or ginger, but for some letters I’ve ventured into veggies and fruit. (And for I, ice cream.) For X, I am stumped. My thought is some kind of “guess the smell/taste” game. Poor letter X, always left out.


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One response to “Too Darn Hot

  1. I hope she feels better soon, poor thing.

    Your curriculum sounds intriguing.

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