X marks the spot

. . . or something.

I’ve been looking for ideas for X foods. Here’s what I’ve got:

XO: a designation for an “extra old” Cognac, at least 7 years but usually 20-50 years.

Xavier: some kind of cream soup

Xylitol: a natural sugar substitute. Sorry Xylitol gum, but you make me feel ill. And did you know that a Japanese company makes Xylitol clothing, which is supposed to make you feel cooler?

xanthan gum: who knew this was made from fermented corn sugar? Food intolerance sufferers take note.

So far I find the Cognac most appealing, but I don’t think I ought to be serving it to the girls.

Victoria continues to feel awful. I sat in my hot office working while Violet was with the nanny and Victoria lay on the day bed, occasionally moaning, whimpering, talking in her sleep, and periodically vomiting (sorry). At one point I lay next to her sponging her forehead (her fever was quite high and she was not keeping anything down), and she just turned to me and said, “Why?”

Isn’t it awful when your little kid’s misery is also cute and makes you want to laugh?

If I have another sleepless night, however, no one will be laughing, and I may in fact break out the Cognac.


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One response to “X marks the spot

  1. Oh poor Victoria! Yes, I did have a wee laugh at her pathetic “why?” but I am a Terrible Person. I am amazed at how many x-foods you found.

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