light a candle for Victoria–updated

my poor girl is still sick (also, the left shift key on my keyboard is broken, so please excuse the typos), so we are off to the doctor this morning. We do worry about how long it takes her to get well. She is curled up in bed feeling hot and dizzy, and Violet and I are planning another summer day indoors.

The doctor visit ruled out strep throat and other infections, so we’ll just wait and see. It is normal for Victoria to get sick and stay sick for a long time. When she gets a fever, she keeps it, and it keeps her in bed. I find this worrisome, but so far no one else does, so hopefully I’m just an excitable mom and she’s just a kid who takes a little longer to get well.

She’s sleeping on my bed (mom’s bed is always so much better during illnesses), after I read to her for a while so she could stop thinking about how bad she felt long enough to fall asleep. “Read to me now!” she said, in this tone of voice that suggested that she could not think about feeling sick one second longer.

Violet has done Chinese and math, and so is busy doing role playing boards on my laptop — an activity that makes me uneasy, but every time I’ve checked in its been fine.

I have two posts in the queue that are much more interesting and even on the exciting side, so don’t think that we are all about illness this week!



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5 responses to “light a candle for Victoria–updated

  1. Oh, I hope she gets better soon. Lots of TLC and fluids, I suspect. But it is tough.

    Maybe some archie and mehitibel are in order for shift-key free poetry 🙂

  2. I hope she is better soon!

  3. I hope she feels better soon.

  4. I am so sorry. I hope she feels better soon.

  5. Poor thing, I hope she improves. Its good to know there’s nothing badly wrong but it must be scary for a mother in this situation. Thank heavens cuddles are such great medicine.

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