More Crafting Fun

I can’t believe the awesome crafty blogs and crafty shopping there are online now. I’ve added some to the blogroll–how can you not link to something called Angry Chicken? I also like the Craft Magazine blog — I can never seem to get into the print version (though I do like Make, the original, tech-ier version), but the blog often has great stuff. I mean, toilet paper origami — need I say more?


I also purchased these wonderful patterns for Violet to try this fall — they might make nice Christmas presents for her to give, if she can part with them.


Lookit all the cuteness at the Wee Wonderfuls Store.

p.s. As always I tip my hat to my personal guru of Getting Modern Feminist Domesticity Right, Ms. Lynn at TNH



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4 responses to “More Crafting Fun

  1. Oh no! Toilet paper origami! I just KNOW I’m going to have to present my toilet paper in that way.

  2. OMG! I love tha snail!!

  3. shaunms

    We just got them today in the mail, after I posted this! The snail is really, rilly cute — the “shell” is rolled up, braided fabric. Violet has chosen Birdie to start, so maybe this weekend we’ll be off to the fabric store! No doubt I will sew one up right alongside her.

  4. Wow, those are darling!

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