Eggmaster and I went off to the movies this afternoon, a rare treat.


We saw Superbad, which was much much much funnier than it ought to be. And I say this as someone who did not like watching American Pie. (Seriously, watching the sex lives of teenagers when you’re over 30 is really creepy. I felt like a pedophile or something. Bleah . . .)

But though Superbad is Superdirty as far as the language goes, it is not the 2007 model American Pie (or, for those of my generation, Porky’s). Plus, I love Michael Cera’s shtick. The kid is brilliant — one of the best things about Arrested Development, plus some funny stuff on the Internet.

We did, however, see a preview that made me cringe, for The Brothers Solomon. I wanted to like it, because it features another AD genius, Will Arnett, who has that Phil Hartman-like talent for delivering almost any line in a gut-busting way.

But here’s the premise:

THE BROTHERS SOLOMON tells the hilarious story of Dean and John Solomon (Forte and Arnett), two good-hearted but romantically-challenged brothers. When they find out their dying father’s last wish is for a grandchild, the brothers set out to find someone to have a baby with. But after spending their formative years being home-schooled by their father in a remote arctic location, their social skills prove to be somewhat lacking and their attempts at fatherhood go hysterically and disastrously wrong.

OK, I know this is not really about normal homeschoolers, but I couldn’t help wincing during the preview at repeated references to how socially backwards homeschooling made the kids. If you go to the website, the intro voice-over actually does say, “like most brothers who get homeschooled by their father, we had very little life outside the family compound.” (Or something like that . . . the audio broke up a lot.)

I’m not calling for a boycott or anything, I’m just sayin’. Between this and the “detestible nerd” thing in Time, I’m feeling pretty socially freakish myself. But in a good way.



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4 responses to “Supergood

  1. We saw Superbad this weekend too. It was pretty funny. I really liked the cops story line.

    Have you seen Knocked Up? I thought it was even funnier.

  2. shaunms

    We did not see Knocked Up — more like to Netflix it. We almost never go to the movies (sadly)– we were just having a really bad weekend with Eggmaster doing tons of emergency IT work and me getting none of my own work done as a result, so he spontaneously grabbed the phone and called the sitter so we could get out! I heard that Knocked Up was really good.

  3. That is great that you had a fun date together!

  4. Michael

    Michael Cera of Superbad was homeschooled in real life.

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