If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say . . .

come sit next to me!

(I wish I could find an authoritative source for that quip.)

Oh, my Internet friends, I fear you are only seeing a portion of me online (and I don’t just mean the 1/4 of me represented by my wafer-thin Meez avatar).

How else to explain being tagged for the Nice Matters award? Except that my tagger, Mariposa, is truly extremely nice. (No doubt friends who’ve met me in person would be glad to clear up this misconception.)

It’s not nice to keep you waiting, but we are really overloaded with activity at the moment — State Fair and concomitant parking issues, nephew’s baptism party, visiting family, getting ready to start school next week, meeting deadlines — so I will say thanks and promise to pass it on soon . . . if there is anyone left to pass it to!

Until then, at least I have a standard of niceness to aspire to. Nasty bloggers — and they are legion — are such a killjoy.


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One response to “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say . . .

  1. I always enjoy your humor!

    It sounds like your family is enjoying a nice vacation.

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