Death of a Camera

Our camera is on the fritz, and we’ll have to get a new one. Here are some shots of recent activities that show its downward spiral.

First, Violet off to the Harry Potter party. Is she trying to affect a Bellatrix look?


Next, a couple of shots of the fair. You might see the weird lines on the photos, though I *think* the yellowish tint is from the weird light of the butterfly house.

This is the smaller carousel at the fair:

And a butterfly on Eggmaster’s finger:

And now this, today, running through the sprinklers:

So no pictures from me for a while — right in the middle of fair time! Argh!



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2 responses to “Death of a Camera

  1. Oh no! I dont know how I survived without my digital camera, so I have all sympathy with you.

    Great picture of them running through the sprinklers.

  2. Oh no! They are all cute photos of the girls, but you know the last one is interesting with the lines. I like it.

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