Fair Log; and, Friend Dating

We’ve been to the fair. Twice so far. Here are some highlights:

Midway rides (we always start with a family ferris wheel ride, then tend to split off for age appropriate rides)
Spinning demo/chatting about spinning
Weaving demo/chatting about weaving
Learning about polymer clay crafting/millefiori (Violet and I will take a class!)
Live piglet birth
Newborn calves
Honey sunflower ice cream and honey lemonade from the MN Beekeepers booth
Australian battered potatoes
Breakfast at the fair
Sky glider tram across the top of the fair

We’re headed back again Friday!!

But, on another note . . .

I’ve been taking this class — long story. Basically it’s a depression-management class about meditation, exercise, and nutrition from a mind-body perspective. It’s been great!

The other participants in the class have really varied — I’m one of the younger ones, which for some reason surprised me, and people come from all walks of life.

There was one guy in the class I just really liked. He was nice, funny, had a big smile. He works at a college for the arts in the area, has a kid, is remodeling his kitchen. I just really enjoyed meeting him. So, after a few weeks of contemplation, on this, the last class, I told him so and gave him my phone number and suggested we meet up sometime.

He seemed to receive this well, but mainly I am so proud of myself for doing this totally uncharacteristic thing! I am not so good with the social stuff — my opening gambits tend to be a little awkward. (Thus I introduced myself to my very good, longtime friend “Rex Parker” by accosting him and saying “I know you smoke!” Smooth . . . )

I confess, it was a tad easier to approach him because I think he’s gay — mainly superficial cues, and he never said “wife,” just “we,” “us,” “my family,” etc. Whether I’m right about that or not, I felt pretty sure — as I would not with many straight men — that he would not think I was going to call him with my hotel room number.

It is just so hard to make new friends as an adult, especially as an adult who does not work out of the home. (I know, many people don’t count “work friends” either.) If you don’t have ready made opportunities for repeatedly bumping into people who share your interests, you have to make them, which feels weird. So even if I never see this guy again, now that my class is done, I feel quite successful in my friend-making venture. (Maybe there is something sad about that, that I don’t even have to make actual contact to be satisfied with my social life!!)

If we make a friend connection I’ll be sure to update you–I know we all need hope that adult friend-making is possible.



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5 responses to “Fair Log; and, Friend Dating

  1. First of all I am proud of it. It can be very hard to put yourself out there.

    Secondly, I hope this friendship works out. I really miss my gay guy friends. It is a different kind of friendship than you can have with a woman (often frought with sensitivity and sometimes competitiveness) or with a straight man.

  2. “I know *you* smoke”… emphasis on the “you” is very important. That, and the fact that you were wearing a black leather jacket. Very badass.

    Remember this: You were the best thing that happened to me during my Entire Time In Ann Arbor You and Mr. You. That’s 8 years, of which you were there for only 4.

    I’m psyched for your friend date.

    Saw a kid wearing a T-shirt yesterday that read: “You’d be a lot cooler if you did”- and thought of you, of course.

    You know the problem with my students? I keep getting older, they just stay the same age. Yes they do.


  3. shaunms

    Oh Rexy, you make me sound soooo much cooler than I am.
    Thank you for that.

  4. The bead class sounds like a lot of fun. I love those beads, but don’t know how to make them.

    I hope you have made a new friend. It also sounds like you take good care of yourself.

  5. I’m impressed. I’m just so awful at the socialising thing, although I recently made a wonderful new friend by being brave and kind and thinking about her needs instead of getting all screwed up with my own anxieties. I hope this man is a good new friend for you, but even if not congratulations on the step you made.

    The fair sounds great! I love the painted thingies.

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