Procrastinating, by way of blogroll update

My work tonight is Soooooooo Freakin’ Boring — so I am giving myself a little break by pointing out some updates to the blogroll.

Finally I am adding Tricotomania — under the Homeschool category, though obviously I could file it under knitting as well. Jove is a major smarty-pants with a smart daughter, and she turns a skeptical eye to lots of interesting things.

Also in Homeschooling Friends I am adding The Lilting House and Real Learning — I want to remember to check these lovely blogs by writing Catholic homeschool mamas more often. Melissa and Elisabeth are guiding lights for many of us.

In the amusing category I’m pleased to add Pop Sensation, which is the other Rex Parker blog. (Yes, in fact my beloved friend Rex does make me laugh more than most.) He’s been cataloging his astonishing collection of paperbacks, which in entertaining is itself, but of special interest for you former bookstore owners out there (you know who you are).



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2 responses to “Procrastinating, by way of blogroll update

  1. I checked it out. Now I am inspired to post pictures of my pulp fiction.

  2. Wow, cool! A link. Maybe my sad little side-blog will get a few more readers (a few more than the 10 or people who appear to read it now). The crossword blog is averaging about 4700 visitors/day, so “Pop Sensation” feels very, very inadequate.


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