History Summary — Back By Popular Demand!

This one is a little more straightforward, but I’m thinking, hey, historical fiction is a hot market . . .

The Story of Ferdinand and Isabella

“No!! No!! I will not marry that lousy old freak!” screeched thirteen-year-old Isabella as her brother Enrique, King of Castile, made to contact Pedro Giron. Enrique turned to face Isabella. “And d’you think I care? It’s not like I thought you would like him! Besides,” he added, “it’s because I need more soldiers.” At this, Isabella turned and stomped out of the room. When Pedro Giron was on his way to Isabella’s castle he died of stomach pains.
When Isabella heard this she was not the least bit sad. “Serves the old scoundrel right.” she thought. But then Enrique tried to make Isabella marry the King of Portugal. Isabella ran at Enrique and yelled, “That guy is even worse! He’s old enough to be my Dad!”
So Isabella contacted Ferdinand, Prince of Aragon, and sent him a note asking whether he wanted to marry her. Ferdinand accepted! Isabella met him a few days later. “C’mon,” Ferdinand said, “We’d better hurry or King Enrique will catch us.” So they married. Enrique was furious when he heard the news. But he died six years later. Then Isabella and Ferdinand went into battle. Ferdinand himself led the troops into battle, and Isabella went around on horseback, begging men to join the army and fight against Granada, which was still under Muslim rule. So they made all the kingdoms into one big kingdom and they called it Spain.
The End.



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3 responses to “History Summary — Back By Popular Demand!

  1. That’s so great! Rose read it too and says she really likes it.

  2. That is wonderful! She has a great sense of humor that comes through in her writing.

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