A Bit About Co-op

We’ve been so taken up with our little hell-fiend — oops, I mean darling 4yo — that I have not posted about one of the great additions to homeschool this year.

We started our co-op last week, and it was a tremendous success. The co-op is not taught by parents, but by artists, naturalists, musicians, etc. I am delighted with the science classes — it is probably too schooly for some, but I feel pretty sure that Violet will be exposed to science essentials (this year, ecology, physics (optics and sound), weather, energy, fossils and early earth science) and have the opportunity to explore further, and I love the hands-on exploration of Victoria’s class.

For Victoria’s first science class the kids made “magicscopes” (homemade binoculars) and then headed outside with those and a magnifying glass to see what they could see in the field right outside: moths, grasshoppers, lichen, raccoon scat, wild mushrooms, cicada skeletons, and more! The teacher was ready to make whatever they found a learning opportunity. She told me personally that her main goal was to get kids to enjoy going outside and exploring, as too many kids don’t want to go out where it’s hot and buggy.

The art for Violet looks wonderful as well — a good mix of technique and creativity, in several different media.

I’m enjoying the chance to meet up with more homeschool moms with older kids, and I’m happy the girls are meeting up with the same group of kids regularly. On the first day Violet joined the Pony Playwrighting Club (reason for name=unclear), formed I think by her and another girl, and is spearheading an effort to get her play about bloodthirsty pixies staged (play yet to be written). She has a costume designer on board and has been negotiating with a boy who keeps wanting to add mutant hamsters (or something like that) to the mix. It’s quite a sight to see the artistic temperments flaring! I see an auteur in the making.

Victoria has really moved into a difficult stage — something about the abrupt change of season here seems to have triggered something inside her. I’m planning to read Mary Sheedy Kurcinka’s book about sleep –one of my friends is actually a featured family!


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