Sounds of the Day

I’m photo-less, but I can give you some sound images of what yesterday looked like:

Barber’s Adagio for Strings in commemoration of 9/11 — very weepy-making

Violet singing the melody while practicing the left hand for a Beethoven Sonatina in G

Victoria laughing hysterically while playing with Pupster

Violet saying, “I’d really prefer the classical station,” when I try to play music in my office

Crisp wind through near-fall leaves, even a whistle or two

Victoria humming tunes to herself as she bounds around the house

“Awwwww!” as Violet realizes that she can’t goof around online because she has science co-op homework

Victoria shout-singing a song I really wish I could transcribe, but I can’t because so much of the lyric and rhythm rely on the unusual name of her friend across the street, whom she simply cannot get enough of

Eggmaster and I taking turns practicing the new guitar


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One response to “Sounds of the Day

  1. It sounds like an nteresting day with great descriptions.

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