My First Sock!

Yay, I have a new camera. We recently celebrated my 38th birthday and our 12th wedding anniversary, so we took that opportunity to finish grieving the death of our old camera and get on with a new one.


To celebrate, I bring you one of 4 UFOs — unfinished objects, to the non-knitter — currently in the house. This one is newly cast-on. Actually, newly cast-on for about the 4th time. I had to go down a size, and then I found myself knitting with the cast-on tail (!), and so on. Hey, it’s my first sock, my first DPN experience, etc. Enjoy the cuteness!


The yarn is called Dream in Color, and it’s a lovely cotton candy color. This sock is supposed to be for Victoria, but it is larger than I thought. It’s a worsted weight washable wool, and I’m knitting on 5s. I prefer bamboo (needles, that is, but I do want to try a bamboo yarn), but I was at my super-crafter friend Dawn’s house getting some sock support when we realized I needed a new size, and luckily she had these to loan me. (Dawn is a magic looper when it comes to socks.)

Another highlight of today, briefly noted. My little Victoria and I were hanging out as a twosome this afternoon. On our way out of the car and into the grocery story, after exchanging high-fives for our “great teamwork!” in shutting the car doors, Victoria took my hand and said, “I love being with you, mom.” Awww . . . “I love being with you too!” I said happily, so she turned and hugged my legs and looked up at me with her very sweet smile. Really, don’t we all need that sometimes?



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3 responses to “My First Sock!

  1. Great beginning of a sock. I warn you, those things are addictive.

    And I think maybe that loving being with each other is one of the best bits of this homeschooling thing. It takes a while to get into it properly though.

  2. Congratulations on your birthday and wedding anniversary and new camera!

    It is lovely feeling when a child shows appreciation for all you do.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    and “awwww” for Victoria’s sweetness. 🙂

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