Go read this thread on play

Probably everyone who looks at my blog visits Patience at Homespun, but just in case I must urge you to go read the thoughts on play that she has been developing in a couple of posts, and then the interesting comments left by other parents.

Susan offered that kind of comment that is not so much new but somehow phrased in a way that brings a familiar idea to you with new interest, excitement, and depth. A litte excerpt:

Most of the toys today are too finely detailed for older children to find them useful as aids for their quite advanced imaginations . . .

So much of the play of older children is completely internal. They are engaged in it almost all of the time, even when we adults do not recognize it.

[I had not visited Susan’s blog before, but she is a Catholic homeschooling knitter — what’s not to love?]

It feels like a real discussion — I’m always grateful to generous, highly thoughtful bloggers, like Patience, who are willing to develop their thinking in their postings rather than presenting it as finished dogma. We have the chance to join in and think things through, learn, and develop our own thoughts that way.

And yes, I am crazy-busy preparing for upcoming travel, so I am meta-blogging rather than really writing!



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9 responses to “Go read this thread on play

  1. Yeah we can see a lot of different toys everyday….it seems like everything is evolving in this world.

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