History Summary — Macbeth rules!

[This falls under history because it’s part of the SOTW series. A little background: we’re preparing to make a video timeline, and this scene will be a part of it. I narrate it while the childern — Violet and whomever she can sucker into it — act out the scene.]

Oh hello. I’m Ms.Narrator. I’m going to narrate the second part of a play called Macbeth, by William Shakespeare. I’m sorry if my actors aren’t good at speaking Old English, but they were the only ones I could find.

In another part of the castle, Banquo was looking up at the stars in the sky. “That sky does some great housekeeping, putting its gigantic sunny candle out at night.” He said. He didn’t want to put out his own candle because he felt uneasy and thought something terrible would happen.

Meanwhile, Lady Macbeth had given the guards drugged wine and they were sleeping soundly. She walked over to the King’s bed. King Duncan looked like Lady Macbeth’s father. “I can’t do this,” she said. “I’ll leave this knife on Duncan’s nightstand. That’ll get Macbeth to do it.” And she left the room. She hid in a corner of the hallway.

She saw Macbeth go into the room. Red drops flew out the door and Lady Macbeth covered her eyes with her hands and ran back into her room. Then Macbeth came into her room. “I’ve done it,” he whispered, “But as I was walking in I saw a dagger floating above me and heard the words ‘Macbeth won’t ever sleep in his whole life, ’cause he murdered it.’ ”

“Pshaw,” grinned Lady Macbeth, “Now we are King and Queen. We rule!”

“Literally,” added now-king Macbeth under his breath.

Tomorrow they pretended to be shocked and horrified. Lady Macbeth even pretended to faint. Macbeth was announced King of Scotland.

Later he had three murderers kill Banquo so he wouldn’t put his children on the throne and become a ‘Father’ of Kings. Then he asked the three weird women when he would stop being King. “When the forest attacks your castle,” they said. That night they saw many soldiers armed with branches cut from trees. They were Duncan’s relatives, and in the midst of the battle Macbeth was killed.

(Earlier that day Lady Macbeth had died of guilt.)

(Note: No real live people were harmed in the making of this play.)


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