Tagged–Can you name 8 good things about . . . yourself?

My friend Dawn has tagged me! I did this meme a while back, so I am (bravely) altering it somewhat, from 8 Random Things About Me to something I saw on another blog that I read (and I can’t remember which one, so sorry!!!): 8 Things I Like About Me (tough, eh?). A little Saturday morning affirmation session, sort of needed after watching Knocked Up last night and feeling keenly that, like the older sister in that film, I have reproduced, I’m never going to be a cute 20-something dancing in nightclubs again, and I get to live all of the annoying cliches about parenthood and married life just like so many before, during, and after me (“I wanna go to Spiderman.”). But that’s just one side of it. Anyway . . .

The 8 Things I Like About Me (self-deprecating-qualifiers-deleted version):

1. I can sing.
2. I am pretty funny.
3. I am open-minded and am good at reserving judgment.
4. I am a good cook.
5. I can write fluently.
6. I have a knack for foreign languages.
7. I have great follow-through when working on a project.
8. I have used my leadership and big-picture-thinking skills successfully.

It’s harder than you think. So who’s going to try it? I’m tagging Patience, Cher Mere, Mariposa, Jenny E., Andrea, Rose, and Eggmaster. The idea, friends, is that you’ll comment on this post when you’re done and of course pass it on to 7 friends by tagging them on their blogs. Force your Internet Friends to reflect on their good qualities!



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4 responses to “Tagged–Can you name 8 good things about . . . yourself?

  1. Am I the first to participate? My list is up.

    You’re right, it is a difficult exercise.

  2. […trying not to feel bad that I was not important enough to be tagged …]

    You are mostly right about yourself, I think.

  3. shaun

    Oh come on, Rex, you’re a media star, not a homey private blogger. I durst not approach you with lowly Internet memes.

    Please, if I am in some way deluded about my good qualities, let me go on being deluded. I need it.


  4. Doing this exercise actually took longer than I thought it would.

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