A Deviation from our Usual Practice

I try to be apolitical, aculture-warlike, acontroversial, etc. Still, after Eggmaster and I chuckled last night wondering about the reaction to J. K. Rowling’s latest revelation about the Potterverse, I had to LOL at this LolCat:

funny cat picture

The Red Sea family is, for the record, pro-gay. I like that the cat is either exclaiming in shock or yawning dramatically.

On an unrelated (or perhaps not) note, I am resurrecting (ha ha) my religion blog. I started a Catholic religion blog but quickly abandoned it, unable to find a voice that I felt good writing in. I found it too easy to be glib, apologetic, exessively churchy, dismissive — everything but authentic. I’ve decided to try again, however. Of course at this point I have probably already turned off some of my potential Catholic readership! It’s uncomfortable to put myself out there in that way, especially since I leave myself open to attack not only from those who are loudly anti-Catholic but also from those who are staunchly neo-traditionalist Catholics. Not to mention bewildered responses from friends or family.

I’ve started adding to it again because, just as with homeschooling, I like to process my thoughts in writing and try to learn from others doing the same. I doubt I will update it daily, but Smells Bells and Yells is there for you when insomnia strikes!



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4 responses to “A Deviation from our Usual Practice

  1. It is unexpected but on one hand I am glad she said it, on the other I think she could have said it before the whole series was over…

  2. She SHOULD have said it when the revelation still had a significant chance to affect books sales. That would have been daring. I am glad that she is deheterosexualizing him for the movie. That at least seems honest.


  3. That photo is hilarious!

  4. thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful…

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