Another Reason to Homeschool

Violet told me today that for Halloween she wants to go as one of the Weird Sisters from Macbeth.

macbeth witches



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5 responses to “Another Reason to Homeschool

  1. J

    That’s awesome! K wanted to go as Miranda from the Tempest. I started looking for Greek toga dresses, but then she said she could be Annie Oakley instead, and THAT was easy. Everyone will think she’s just any old cowgirl, but that’s OK 🙂

  2. shaun

    Oh Miranda, how awesome! For a long time I thought I’d surely name my first daughter Miranda (Miranda Katherine, for Taming of the Shrew, too). Annie Oakley will be easier to explain, anyway! I love that K. likes the Tempest — it is a favorite of mine too.

  3. Ami got to be one of the three “witches” in Macbeth.

    For Halloween this year Ami can’t decide. She actually has never been Alice on Halloween Eve. She also thinks she might want to be Heidi again. However, she now has it down to these two: Sr. Wendy or Bindi.

  4. Very cool! I love it!

    You know yesterday Z read some lines from the witches from Macbeth to Charlotte and me.

    Z is being Robin Hood because we read the Howard Pyle version over the summer.

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